China Medical University

Student Information System

登入說明 (Login Help)

  • 本校學生資訊登入帳號為學號,登入密碼可以使用校園入口網站密碼或學生資訊系統(選課)密碼登入,請在登入時選擇要使用何種方式認證密碼
  • 非本校學生(校際選課、跨校雙主修及隨班附讀學生)無法使用校園入口網站認證方式登人,請使用學生資訊系統認證方式登入。
  • 學生資訊系統預設密碼為生日(西元年月日共8碼,例如1998年6月4日出生,初始密碼為19980604)初次登入時需要變更密碼
  • Facebook或Google+等社群帳號綁定登入的方式需要先以學校系統的帳號登入且設定成功之後,才可以使用。
  • 為確保資訊安全,使用Facebook或Google+等社群帳號綁定登入功能請注意是否是使用於公用電腦環境,並注意使用後帳號是否登出
  • 若忘記學生資訊系統密碼,可利用校園入口網站或社群帳號登入系統之後,使用變更密碼功能重設密碼,或持證件至教務處、研究生事務處、圖書資訊中心 或北港教務分組重設密碼。
  • The login username is student ID number, you can use the password for CMU Information Portal Site or Student Information System (Courses Selection System) which depends on your choice while signing in.
  • Non-CMU Students can't choose CMU Information Portal Site authentication to sign in, please choose Student Information System authentication.
  • The default password is birth date (yyyymmdd), please change password for the first time.
  • To bind your Facebook or Google+ account, you need to sign in this system for the first time and set up successfully.
  • To ensure information security, if you're on a public or shared device, don't forget to sign out so no one else can get in to your Facebook or Google+ account.
  • If you have forgotten your password for Student Information System, you can reset your password by signing in CMU Information Portal Site, Facebook or Google+ account. You can also bring your student ID card or ID card to Office of Academic Affairs (undergraduate), Office of Graduate Student Affairs (graduate), Library & Information Center, or Office of Academic Affairs in Beigang Campus for inquiry.。